Resources Description .pdf
ESL A list of E-Rate approved services and products, updated yearly. Eligible Services List
Discount Matrix Determine your schools discount percentage. E-Rate Discount Matrix
Forms Description .pdf
470 The Description of Services Requested and Certification Form, 470, is the first Form in the E-Rate process and starts the competitive bidding process 470 Forms
471 The Services Ordered and Certification Form, 471, is the second form in the E-Rate Process. 471 Forms
472 The Billed Entity Reimbursement Form, (BEAR), is a form filed by applicants who wish to receive reimbursement checks from their service providers. 472 Forms
486 The Receipt of Services Confirmation form, 486, is the third form in the E-Rate process. Used to notify USAC that service has started 486 Forms

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